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The traditional businesses of COHG are real estate and project contracting. COHG has been committed to investment, exploitation and construction of infrastructure and quality engineering. In these years, COHG has completed a variety of quality engineering and made great contribution to improve the development of “city modernization” of local government.
COHG has taken clear developing thoughts in finance and investment. In 2014, COHG began to raise investment in primary and secondary markets. Besides, in order to deepen the reform and get started in transformation and promotion, COHG has expanded its footprint in high technology and new energy sectors through M&A and reorganization.
The corporation has increasingly put the priorities on the science and technology studies with more and more concerning investment in recent years. It has successfully made investment to industries of military manufacturing, fine chemical, intelligent hardware, etc. Besides, it has also signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (CAS). The work will start in the industrialization cooperation of laser technology and then be extended to other industries such as new materials, new energy, advanced equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection. These two institutions will positively take respective advantages to establish industrial platform, carry out deep research, and will also jointly launch preponderant programs by integration of respective technologies, capital, markets, regulations and talents.
In response to the appeal of the Party Central Committee, to deepen the cultural system reform and build the national soft power, COHG has participated in a number of films and television works with the national feelings, which reflect the spirit of the times. COHG has created the project of the Learning Era of Network Bookstore, together with National School of Administration Press, People Press, Learning Press and other three first-level presses. What’s more, the project focuses on spreading Chinese excellent traditional culture, classical culture and creating excellent cultural products, which conform to the spirit of the times. Once the project has been declared by COHG, it has attached great importance by the national authorities.

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